mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

testo ricevuto da Mogos Berhane, campo profughi di Shousha

Pubblichiamo integralmente l'email inviata a Stefano Liberti da Mogos, un ragazzo ospite del campo profughi di Shousha, dove è stata girata parte di Mare Chiuso, dopo aver visto il documentario.  

My Feedback to the Mare Chiuso-Closed Sea Documentary film

Dear Steven,
I am so glad to see that the documentary film that you and your colleagues labored so hard came to its final phase. First I would like to go straight to the general evaluation of the documentary film Closed Sea; It successfully and explicitly showed the  deadly results of the the dirty deal signed between the governments of Italy and Libya on 2009. The signing of the Friendship agreement marks the decay of the international community long held commitment to protect and enhance human right and prevalence of economic greed and political interest over human rights and that of particular refugee rights. 

The video shoot was so clear and the story was developed in a way that will keep the general audience to follow the story from the scratch. The injustice the refugees suffered in their home country and then their journey  of exile from their origin through the transit countries and ultimately to their final destination where they could live as respected worthy human being  and the challenges and abuse and mistreatment they faced at the hands of the Libyans and Italian authorities was explained in an excellent way. I hope it will touch the heart of all the kind people and hardliners and help people on the Northern part of the Mediterranean to be empathetic to the plight of the innocent refugees who became the victims of unjust and unfair agreements. 

Steven, I would like to highlight two important points that I found in the documentary film needs more supplementary explanation. In the documentary film Closed Sea; Colonel Geddafi was heard saying that They are liars, African live in the forest and sahara, they do not have any political problems. And prime minister Berlsconi said against the refugees; they are not victims of injustice, they (the refugee) are recruited by criminal organization. In this particular parts I thought it would be good if you add just after their speech the deteriorating and chaotic condition of the countries from which the refugees originate, like Somalia (civil war), Eritrea (tyrant and repressive regime)  and Sudan (Darfur) victims of genocide. by doing so we will falsify their argument. 

Second, in the European Commission for human right court I Saw the representative of the Italian government defending his government action by stating that the refugees who are intercepted in the high seas will be pushed back to Libya which is a safe destination and will have easy access to unhcr office in Libya to apply for asylum. In this particular I would be more pleased if his speech was followed by an episode that  will show the world that Libya is hell for refugee. First Libya did not recognize the right of refugees and is a not a signatory to the Geneva Convention of 1952 that govern refugees rights. And even the authorities in Libya did not recognize the documents from UNHCR and refugees with such papers were taken to detentions so frequently. Even worse on 8June2010 Libya closed the symbolic UNHCR offic which had no freedom to oversee refugee and its activity so restricted before that. This facts must be added to the film, so that the world can understand how dirty and historical mistake is the friendship agreement signed by Italy and Libya.

Deep in side, I am convinced that this documentary film will make a shift in the attitude of people towards refugees on the Northern part of the Mediterranean Sea. And the World will not repeat the same mistake against refugees. 'Our moral values to provide human beings with decent living should never be washed by our greedy drive for  Political and economic interests.' 

Finally, I was indebted to thank you on behalf of all the refugees who are the victims of the push back push around policy of Italy. You are on the forefront on the fight to defend the right of refugees and bring their injustice to the light. And I am so glad to be part of this historic heroic project.

I am looking forward to hear from you!!!
yours Sincerely!!

Mogos Berhane
Shousha Camp, Tunisia