martedì 10 aprile 2012

Victory has finally come....congratulations

we received this email from Mogos, host of Shousha Refugee Camp, at the border between Libya and Tunisia
Victory has finally come....congratulations

Dear Steve,
I heard the news that the European court for Human Right gave its verdict on the Hirsi case in favour of the refugees. First the news came to my Facebook news feed and later I heard it in Radio Erena; an Eritrean radio broadcasting from Paris. I can't tell you now how I am feeling at this moment...finally the truth has prevailed and once more the Hirsi case give the international community a lesson that Human Right and that of particular the right of refugee should not be compromised for political and economic interests. Congratulation's  for the refugees who are waiting for justice to happens and for all the parties who invested their capital, intellectual and their precious time to see justice is served for the helpless refugees. 

In shousha the news was celebrated with excitement and great Joy. All the refugees intercepted and pushed back to Libya came to me and told me that they are happy to see that the court ruled in their favour. And they are so indepted to your great efforts. Today I am particularly writing this message to deliver their thanks to you and your team. 

Last but not least, Steve the court has ruled or demanded the Italian government to pay reparation for the refugees who were intercepted on the high seas and pushed back to Libya. HOW IS THIS PART OF THE RULING TO BE CARRIED OUT? ARE THE REFUGEES IN SHOUSHA WHO ARE THE VICTIM OF THE PUSH BACK BENEFICIARIES OF THIS RULING?  

I am planning to show the documentary film to the concerned refugees? So far the plan was put on-hold due to some internet connection problems, but now that seemed to be partly solved. So I will try all my best. However I lost from my email the message you sent to me with the link and the password. So if possible could you send to me again the link and the password plus some explanation what are the next steps in the Hirsi case.

I am looking forward to hear from you....!!!

Wish all the best for you and your family....!!

yours Mogos!

Mogos Berhane
Shousha Camp, Tunisia

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